Coco Twig Witch Broom from the Philippines

$ 18.00

These handmade brooms are the accessory of choice for every stylish witch this Halloween. Whether you need the perfect complement to your costume or the right finishing touch to your party decor, these coconut palm brooms will cast the perfect spell.

Each broom measures 32" long x 18" wide and is made by artisans in the Phillipines from local coconut tree stems.




Disenio de Craftico Artisan Story

DDC-Artisan ProfileThe artisans of Disenio de Craftico are fathers, mothers, young men and women who are able to help their families through the production of these crafts. They live near Lagazpi City in the Bicol region of the Philippines. Most are hand-to-mouth workers.

Using abaca fibre, nito vine and other sustainable materials, they create beautiful native handcrafts which are sold to create a livelihood for their day-to-day needs, lessen the poverty in their community and strengthen family ties.