Brown Owl Tagua Figurine

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This Brown Owl tagua figurine has been hand carved in Ecuador from tagua nuts, a renewable rain forest seed known as vegetable ivory for its likeness to real animal ivory, but with animal and habitat-friendly properties. All colors are achieved using natural techniques, such as boiling, fermentation, burning and inlay, that enhance but don't completely cover the nut's organic beauty. Similar to animal ivory, this figurine will gently antique or darken over time.

  • Measures 2-3/4” high x 1-1/4” wide x 1-1/4” deep

    We encourage you to help save rain forests by considering a tagua nut purchase from One World Projects. Please read our extended description below for more information on how tagua nut carvings are made, and how they have helped save thousands of acres of rain forest and wildlife habitat.

    Handmade in Ecuador and fair trade imported.

    Naya Nayon Artisan Story

    A Tagua TreeNaya Nayon, an Ecuador-based NGO, counters poverty and deforestation by creating new jobs that depend on conservation and responsible forest management. To accomplish this goal, the company works with 23 local artisans to create figurines, jewelry and ornaments from tagua nuts. These nuts grow year-round in Ecuador and can be harvested without detriment to the rainforest. Naya Nayon gives its artisans all the training, tools and materials they need to work from home, and then manages work distribution from the organizations main office to make sure orders are fairly distributed.


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    The stars speak for themselves.

    The stars speak for themselves.

    This is a lovely Tagua nut carving. Wonder...

    This is a lovely Tagua nut carving. Wonderfully done. Excellent quality. Matches the description perfectly.
    More than meets my expectation. I am so very pleased with this purchase and this shop!

    Got this for my husband for our 14th weddi...

    Got this for my husband for our 14th wedding anniversary. Year 14 is ivory! He loved it.