Tropical Fruits | 5 Pack Solidarity Bracelets | Handmade In Guatemala

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5 assorted bracelets ready for stacking from Los Colores de La Tierra (Colors of the Earth), artisan group in Guatemala. Stack in any color combination you like!

The bracelets are made using ceramic beads the artisans make themselves using ancient techniques. The Mayan influence is seen in our colorful designs often combined with locally sourced stones, traditional textiles and embroidery. 


In all of our jewelry, Jaime and our artisans combine their extensive knowledge of Latin American art with our experience making the unique ceramic beads.

*Note due to the nature of handmade each pair of earrings is truly one-of-a-kind. 


Meet the Artisans of Los Colores de la Tierra

The artist and designer of the jewelry, Jaime Vargas, is originally from Bogota, Colombia. Jaime spent most of his life studying and learning from different indigenous cultures and their traditional methods of producing artifacts throughout all of the Americas. In 1992, Jaime arrived to Guatemala to learn from the rich Mayan culture.

Jaime wished to expand and develop his jewelry collection with the talent of the local, Mayan artisans. Learning about the poor working conditions for these talented artisans, Jaime's main objective quickly became to create dignified and fair working conditions in the local villages. 

About the Ceramic Beads

The encounter with Mayan artisans led Jaime to develop and refine his jewelry design and production methods inspired by the traditional ways of the Mayan people.

With the local artisans' methods and Jaime's experience working with ceramic, together they created our signature ceramic bead jewelry under the name of Los Colores de la Tierra (The Colors of the Earth).  


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Heather F.
Just like the photo!

Lovely colors and comfortable to wear.