Why Fair Trade?

Why fair trade?

Fair trade is a set of fundamental ideals that works to provide equity between international trade partners. It addresses modern injustices of trade that affect marginalized groups of producers in the developing world. By ensuring the implementation of ten fair trade principles, businesses ensure certain standards of fairness in their brand or product.

Fair Trade Principles

Fair trade seeks to create opportunities artisans and farmers by creating strong partnerships with economically and socially marginalized peoples to ameliorate poverty and support sustainability.

In those partnerships, fair trade aims to develop transparency and accountability between fair trade companies, artisans, and farmers to maintain fairness, consistency, and respect.

Fair Trade Federation businesses build capacity of farmers, artisans, and communities by providing time and resources to empower manufacturers to grow their businesses.

Partners of fair trade promote fair trade by raising awareness of this principle through educating consumers and encouraging other companies to operate under standards of fair trade.

Businesses that support fair trade pay producers promptly so that costs are covered and producers can earn a fair wage.

Fair trade supports safe and empowering working conditions that eliminate forced labor, discrimination, and urge producers to engage in decision making.

Fair trade cultivates environmental stewardship by promoting the ethical use of resources and methods such as: reduce, reuse, reclaim, and recycle.

Members of fair trade businesses ensure the rights of children by admonishing child labor.

Fair trade respects the cultural identity of its partners by celebrating diversity and supporting local means of productions and customs of local communities.



 Fair Tribe Artisan Partners

When you make a purchase from Fair Tribe you can be assured that you are supporting artisans based on the principles of fair trade. Duet the complexities and expertise required to source and import fair trade products we have chosen to partner with some amazing suppliers who specialize in the details of sourcing, designing and importing products from many countries around the globe. All of them are members of the Fair Trade Federation and have years of expertise in specific countries and craft traditions. 


Swahili: African Modern

 Established in 1994, Swahili Imports brings the beauty of modern Africa into the home. A member of the Fair Trade Federation, Swahili Modern works with select countries in Africa to advance artisans by ensuring sustainable profits through the sale of eco-friendly products at stores like Fair Tribe.

One World Projects

For over 15 years, One World Projects has been redistributing fair trade goods from developing countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa to retailers including Fair Tribe. Products at One World apparel include: clothing, accessories, housewares, and toys that are handmade and supported by fair trade principles. One World  prioritizes partnerships with artisans, commitment to trading partners, helping those most in need, and providing up-front production costs to artisans.

One World  especially values compassionate trade. Focused on peace-building in countries with prevalent conflict, One World Apparel strives to provide economic opportunities in developing countries that support individual growth in order to create an aura of hope and peace in artisans.  

One World Apparel is vetted by the Fair Trade Federation, Green America, and the Aid to Artisan Trade Network. 

Acacia Creations

 Acacia Creations supplies earth-friendly jewelry, gifts, and home décor to stores, catalogs, and retailers including Fair Tribe. Established in 2007, Acacia Creations started as a way to connect artists in Kenyan refugee camps with international consumer markets. Acacia Creations has expanded to empower artisans in Tanzania, Thailand, Vietnam, Indian, and the Philippines. Acacia not only ensures that their products are produced according to fair trade principles, but work to provide training, jobs, education, and healthcare to its community partners.  

Global Crafts

 Since 2002, Global Crafts has been partnering with brands to create economic opportunities for artisans in more than 20 countries. By providing advance payment of market price to artisans while guaranteeing that artisans receive fair payment and working conditions, Global Crafts assures that fair trade principles are followed when selecting the products they offer to retailers including Fair Tribe. In its fifteen years of experience, Global Crafts has partnered with over 1,000 business to provide unique fair trade items to consumers worldwide.