Small Bat | Halloween Pumpkin Gourd Boxes

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Let spooky bats guard your treats this Halloween in these delightful hand-etched gourd boxes! The perfect size for your mantle or dining table, these orange and black bats will bring a festively spooky touch to your home.

These unique gourd boxes, made in the tradition of native Andean crafts, come in two sizes. Choose Small (3" high x 3 1/2" in diameter) or Large (5" high x 5" in diameter). Better yet, mix both to create a stunning Halloween display that Dracula himself would envy!



Tito Medina Artisan Story

Tito Medina belongs to the fourth generation of gourd carvers; his parents Eulogio Medina and Guillermina Salome, are from Huancayo,Cochas Chicas, Peru which is well known for carving, etching, burning, and transforming gourds into unique works of art. Tito is a master craftsman and is known across the continent for his fine carvings and pyro-engraved gourds, each one telling a unique story. He has been carving gourds since childhood, and opened his first market stall in 1986. Through his work he has promoted the traditional craft of his region and has raised it to the level of a fine art. Over the years he has participated in several art fairs and received numerous awards for his work.


MA:TITO_240x159Tito and his family run Medina Handicrafts – a company that exports hand crafted gourd ornaments, masks and musical instruments. The family employs about 20 gourd artisans from the area in their engraving workshop at HuancayoHuancayo, Peru. Medina Handicrafts makes certain that the artisans employed with them receive consistent work and a stable income. The farmers from the costal town of HuancayoChiclayo, who harvest gourds for the company, also enjoy an abundant local market and consistency for selling their produce to Tito’s business, thus providing stability for their families and community.